Laser Wheel Alignment

Laser wheel alignment service in Newtown

With the help of sophisticated tools and equipment, Newtown Tyres gives you accurate laser wheel alignment services in Newtown and the neighbouring areas.

Increase the life span of your tyres

Incorrectly aligned tyres and increase tyre wear and can drastically affect vehicle handling. To resolve these issues, Newtown Tyres gives you laser wheel alignment services that correct the tracking of your vehicle. This helps correct the tracking of your vehicle and helps save you hundreds of pounds on replacing them so often. For more information about our laser wheel alignment services, get in touch with us today. We also provide first-rate car servicing.

Premium tyre supply

Helps improve fuel economy

Keeping your car's tyre tread perfectly aligned helps transfer the energy from your car's engine to the road in an efficient manner. This helps reduce fuel costs significantly.
Tyres with great grip

Better handling

Poor tracking can pose a serious safety hazard to the occupants of your car as well as other road users. You can put your mind at ease by letting us correct the tracking of your car.
For laser wheel alignment services in Newtown, come to Newtown Tyres today. Call us on 
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